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Spreading the Awesome: 10 Star Must Reads & Contest!

Remember Elana Johnson's awesome idea about Paying It Forward author interviews? Well, she didn't stop there! Today I'm joining-in on another of her inspirational kicks answering the question, "What 10 Star 'Must Read' Book Would You Like To Share With the World?" Of course, the hubbub that erupted after such a question left many an author dazed and confused; it was kind of fun seeing the same titles come up over and over again and then the death-match throw-downs about who was going to win bragging rights. (If you're taking the tour, you may have just come from Cole Gibsen's shout-out to ALBATROSS by Josie Bloss.) Me, I won big time! I get to talk about A.S. King's DUST OF 100 DOGS.

Now the funny thing is that it's tough to describe this book, even though I loved it so much that I kept poking my husband in the back to read him select passages (which, given the fact that he's a martial arts instructor who likes his sleep, shows just how good this book is for me to repeatedly put my life on the line)! Of course, he had fair warning. When I stumbled across the jaw-dropping book trailer for D100D, I showed it to just about everybody I knew. Twice.

(For the record: I think book trailers are very pretty and fun and expressive, but very rarely is it something that makes me want to go out and buy the book. This trailer made me want to buy the book, post the trailer, and gab about it to everyone I knew who had a brain. Not only is it gorgeous and quirky and hooks-and-lands me like a fish, but it gives the *backstory* of the character, which only makes me want to read the book more to find out what the heck happens next?! If you don't know what I mean, check this out:)


I KNOW! Can you believe that?? Irish girl-slaves, French prostitutes, pirates, curses, reincarnation, buried treasure, dogs! My brain exploded with the merest notion that someone came up with that idea let alone wrote an entire book about it. I had to have it. Immediately. Now. (Alas, it took a while before I managed to get one of those babies into my hot little hands. Again: publishing vs. plate tectonics? *grumble* But I digress...)

Following the life of Emer/Saffron through the live(s) in the book sounds like it might be confusing but, remarkably, it isn't. I followed along ravenously, picking up the emotions from human and dog alike and how each "jump" in perspective really just added richness and depth to the main character I'd been experiencing all along. The story had an almost Shakespearean satisfaction for me; everything was incredibly well-balanced, tied-together and interconnected in ways I couldn't have guessed and left me feeling dizzily happy in the end, sort of like the high off a good roller-coaster ride. The trip was a tumble and I love that sort of head game you get in a really good flick like House of Games or The Game (or, more head-trippy, something like Prelude to a Kiss or Being John Malkovich)...but this isn't a con story, not really, Emer knows what she wants and we can taste it like a drug. Her (pardon the pun) doggedness is what carries us with her throughout 102 lifetimes of trials and tribulations. We want more than anything to have her succeed, but can also see all the things that exist on the sidelines of that kind of determination. Emer is real, but so is Saffron. The amalgamation is something worth reading and A.S. King does it with a deft hand, pulling you along like an excited kid towards the next thrill.

I Can Not Recommend This Book Enough!

...but I'm not above bribing you, anyways. ;-)

Besides her mad skillz at writing and blogging, A.S. King is *also* known for her brilliant you-inspired contests so I have *cough* "borrowed" *cough* the author herself to judge a 10 Star contest of our own where YOU can win a signed copy of DUST OF 100 DOGS for your very own "Best of the Best" shelf!

...What? Rules? Rules! We need rules:


1) Write a ten word sentence that starts with the word "Awesome"
2) The sentence must include the name of at least one star (as in astronomical star, not Hollywood star!)
3) Leave the sentence along with your email address in the comments section

Contest closes at midnight tonight. Remember: we shall reward creativity and humor with awesomeness!!

So get writing, get reading & see what other Must Reads are out there! Want more for your TBR list? I'm tagging Tina Lee as the next stop on your Awesome Book Review Tour, sharing her Must Read: SPLIT by Swati Avasthi. And go check out Elana's Recommended Reads for the entire list of participating authors' 10 Star Must-Reads!

Life's a little more awesome when you spread it around. ;-)
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