dawn_metcalf (dawn_metcalf) wrote,

Fun Film Friday: Foglios!

If ever there was a day I needed a pick-me-up, it's today. Between recent YA kerfluffles and the horrors in Paris, I think we could all use a smile so I grabbed one of my personal favorites from my archives marked "EMERGENCY: BREAK LINK FOR MUCH-NEEDED SMILES" and, once I vacuumed up the shatterglass, was able to access a fun guide to the "Language of Fans" by Kaja Foglio (of Foglio Studios fame).

Not only is this a funny and clever visual romp complete with silent film sound effects and tea-stained sepia tones, but as a long-time fan of Phil Foglio's humorous artwork and of their combined talents as creators of my all-time favorite steampunk epic webcomic series, Girl Genius, I wanted to give to you a little something to grin about for the weekend:

Now I want to do another steampunk tea party and hand out fans party favors!
Tags: fun film friday, geekery, steampunk

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