dawn_metcalf (dawn_metcalf) wrote,

World AIDS Day

It's World's AIDS Day.

Having been on the front lines fighting this disease since it was called "the gay flu" back in the 80's, I was present at a political rally at the very first World AIDS Day, listening to the statistics and talking about reform. There have been candlelight vigils and paperclip collections, fun drives and protest marches, Live Aid and the AIDS Memorial quilt, and nothing was quite so devastating as the day a family member turned to me at Thanksgiving and said, "They cured that, didn't they? It hasn't been in the news..."

No, they haven't. And yes, there has been remarkable strides in medicine, prevention and even steps towards finding a cure, but not yet. No, not yet.

Now my daughter raises funds for AMFAR and I just pinned a red ribbon to her shirt before she went to school. Be aware, be in communication & be kind to one another--that is what this day is all about.

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